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Michalakis Seaside Suites

Michalakis Seaside Suites invites you to get acquainted with the unique experience that the Cycladic island of Milos has to offer you. With its beautiful, scenic landscapes and its countless beaches. In Pollonia, the heart of the second port of the island, our suites await you. Being directly above the beach, you have an amazing view on the immeasurable blue sea and sky, while relaxation, emotions and feelings that this environment and the Aegean Sea bring you, take over.

Read your book, enjoy breakfast or dinner on the balcony or in your Suites’ garden and imagine the landscape that unfolds in front of you. Michalakis Seaside Suites is situated about 10 kilometers from Milos airport and the central port, and 300 meters from the beach. While taverns, cafes and super markets are close by, and provide you with any food, drinks and fun that you desire.

Michalakis Seaside Suites Milos


Discover the true Cycladic experience

The beautiful island of Milos reveals its beauty while exploring its sea caves and its tunnels. Its crystal-clear waters, and the uninhabited small islands that surround you invite and cause you towander endlessly.

milos island

Milos, often called the palette-island because of its colors, is made of lava, ash and rocks, and wins you with its inexhaustible natural beauty, virgin landscapes and volcanic charm. Its crystal-clear waters, silver sand and unique caves create landscapes that are unforgettable.Milos will offer you endless trips and activities to the most beautiful places and beaches of the island. Will you choose to explore its natural or historical monuments scattered all over the island? Whatever you choose it will for sure pull you in the magic of its volcanic and archaeological past, as well as the unparalleled beauty of its natural landscape.

Michalakis Seaside Suites Milos

a true cycladic experience

Visit the inaccessible beaches of the island on a day trip by boat, and explore the world-famous nature monuments. Diving in underwater hot springs and volcanic rocks is something you should definitely experience.