Milos Island

Milos, often called the palette-island because of its colors, is made of lava, ash and rocks, and wins you with its inexhaustible natural beauty, virgin landscapes and volcanic charm. Its crystal-clear waters, silver sand and unique caves create landscapes that are unforgettable.Milos will offer you endless trips and activities to the most beautiful places and beaches of the island. Will you choose to explore its natural or historical monuments scattered all over the island? Whatever you choose it will for sure pull you in the magic of its volcanic and archaeological past, as well as the unparalleled beauty of its natural landscape.

Michalakis Seaside Suites Milos
Michalakis Seaside Suites Milos


Pollonia is an organized tourist resort, particularly popular among the island’s visitors. The area is full of fish taverns, and ideal for tasting fresh fish and fine seafood snacks while you enjoy the sea breeze and the enchanting scenery that surrounds you. If you want to visit Kimolos and Polyaigos, take a stroll to the harbor of the area and find water taxis, ferryboats and small boats for excursions to the nearby islands and beaches.

Discover the true Cycladic experience

Milos is one of the most important geostrategic destinations in Greece and you can choose one of the seven geographic routes organized to discover it. If you are fond of different experiences and knowledge, do not miss this opportunity to get to know the multidimensional geological identity and that of the island.


The most famous and famous beach of Milos is undoubtedly Sarakiniko. The beach looks like a lunar landscape with white volcanic rocks, and the absence of any trace of vegetation creates an exotic feeling that you will never forget. Spread your towels on the soft rocks and take a dip in its crystal-clear waters. Get yourself the right equipment and explore the beauty of its seabed.Sarakiniko is also worth visiting at night when it’s full moon, as the intense reflection that is being created on the rocks will make you feel like you’re on the moon.

Michalakis Seaside Suites Milos
Michalakis Seaside Suites Milos


Adamantas is the main port of Milos and the first image to admire when arriving on the island. It is the tourist center of Milos and gathers all the nightlife and entertainment, but also combines relaxation and tranquility that you desire. Next to Adamantas you will discover two very beautifulbeaches: Lagadas and Papikinos, a beach awarded with a blue flag, which aims at making beaches better and safer, while at the same time protecting their natural environment. Swim in their blue waters and lie down on their silky sandy beaches.